Ten Inch Radius Dryer Elbows

A Better Dryer Duct Elbow

Dryer-Ell Performance

The reduction in friction loss provides important benefits for venting in residential construction.

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The Dryer-Ell delivers solid performance advantages and more flexibility for duct positioning.

One to One Ratio
Overcome Length of Run Issues Unlike sectioned elbows, the Dryer-Ell allows use of the full code-allowable length of run. Generally, building code requires a reduction in duct length for all other dryer elbows. The Dryer-Ell is engineered for a one-to-one ratio with standard straight pipe.
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500% More Efficient
UL found that you would have to use six Dryer-Ell LT90s to affect airflow rate as much as one sectioned elbow. Its long radius and smooth interior reduce friction loss and improve duct performance.
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Booster Fan Alternative
In certain run length situations, the Dryer-Ell can eliminate the need for booster fans. This can simplify installation, remove a mechanical point of failure and eliminate maintenance problems.
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Full Allowable Run
When installed with the Dryerbox®, you can avoid sectioned elbows and all run-length penalties. Complete Article . . .