UL Fact Finding Study

UL Fact Finding Study

Underwritings Laboratories prepared a fact find report which shows, among other findings, that Dryer-Ells are 500% more airflow efficient than sectioned, small radius elbows.

2009 IMC for Dryer VentingComplete, Un-edited Copy of the UL Fact Finding Report

Key Findings
From a volumetric air flowrate standpoint, Underwriters Laboratories' fact finding study shows a dramatic improvement when using the new long-turn dryer venting elbow versus a typical sectioned duct elbow. One of the findings is that it takes six LT90s to affect flowrate as much as a single sectioned elbow does.

Dryer-Ells are 5 Times More Efficient

Sectioned Dryer Elbow Duct-length Equivalency
Further, the study found the actual effect of sectioned dryer elbows is equivalent to 15 feet of straight pipe.
One Sectioned Elbow Equals 15 Feet of Duct