Teamed with the Dryerbox = Zero Run Reduction

When looking for laundry room placement flexibility in house plans, most people cringe when they see how short a dryer exhaust run is allowed by most code. That is sometimes followed by colorful language when it has to be reduced even further for every elbow.

Two Dryer-Ells and a Dryerbox Equal 35 Feet Allowable
2009 IMC allowable run length of 35' by eliminating all sectioned elbows.
Sectioned Elbows Equal 20 Feet Allowable
Allowable run length reduced to 20' with three standard elbows.

Your local code may vary, but let's take a typical example to illustrate. 2009 IMC, for instance, only allows 35 feet for the entire run. That's pretty short, you say, but not insurmountable. But wait, then throw in the little exception that you have to reduce the run by five feet for every standard elbow.

One sectioned elbow to penetrate the drywall, running 10' up into the wall to turn at another elbow only leaves you an additional 20' to cut across the attic to an exterior wall. Try to position the laundry in the center of a typical floor plan and you're out of luck.

Flexibility: A good solution for putting the laundry where you please is to use NO penalty creating elbows. Using a Dryerbox® for the dryer connection eliminates that first elbow, then using Dryer-Ells elsewhere in the run means you can go up 10' and across the attic space to exit the house the full 35 lineal feet from the dryer.