Supplier Stock Request

Why Your Supplier Should Stock the Dryer-Ell

If you can't find a nearby supplier and agree the Dryer-Ell is a great venting solution, we'd love to get your help in making it more available locally.

So, check to see if your favorite supplier is listed in our locator.  If so, be sure to tell them you're pleased they do when you swing by. If not, you can help make it happen by trying steps one and / or two.  After all, you can save money on shipping and have the added convenience of knowing there's a Dryer-Ell around the corner for every run-length issue that pops up.

Tell Them How You Feel

Remember, though, that the LT90 and LT45 are relatively new to the market: we can forgive them (for now).  They probably just need to hear from you before they stock it.  To simplify the process, you may print this information sheet, bring it by the next time you're there and let them know you'd like to be able to buy it there.

Get Us to Send Them Information

Your favorite supplier may just need us to let them know how to get it. You may send an email to so we can send them the right info and make sure they find the most efficient delivery channel.

Order Online for Now

While we're getting your supply house up to speed, we still want you to take advantage of the Dryer-Ell as a strong venting solution. Click HERE to order right now.