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These ells are awesome! I have a 25 foot run with 3 elbows, requiring me to dry everything twice and clean out my ducts at least twice a year--now, I can't believe the force of the air coming out the vent! My clothes are dry before the end of one cycle! It took a bit of manuevering to fit the dryer-ells, but it's WELL WORTH IT! Highly recommend! I'm sending the in-line booster fan back--I don't need it now!
Michelle F.
Hines, OR
I have installed three of these elbows in an apartment building laundry facility. They work extremely well. They are rugged and help vent the room extremely well. Easy to work with and solid design. Highly recommend to vent dryers in any type of facility.
Jim P.
Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada
We live in a log home with a stone foundation. The only available place for a dryer exhaust was 39 feet from the dryer. I used a long turn 90 and 3 45's to weave around drain & waste plumbing in a 14" crawl space. Without the long turn fittings, I would have exceeded the dryer spec run length. The fittings went together easily and installed in a snap. Great product for the difficult situations! I would recommend these products to anyone.
Bob M.
Allenspark, CO
The LT 90 has been a terrific add-on to my dryer exaust line. Although my exaust line set up is enhanced by an "in-line" Flo-Tech Dryer Booster Fan, which is located towards the end of the exaust line run (my run is about 42' in total length), the over all efficiency has definitely increased by the addition of this elbow. Easy to assemble and install, this elbow is worth every penny!
Jeffrey B.
West Chester, PA
I just wanted to pass along that my order arrived quicker than I expected and with no problems. I installed the three LT90s and two LT45s into one long run with no issues. It's been about a month now and I've got to say they are working great! The LT45s were absolutely essential for my situation, so I am glad they were available. I've probably got the most expensive dryer vent run on my block, but with the awkward situation that came with the house I bought it was necessary. Bottom line, it's probably much safer and efficient now, plus I avoided adding an expensive booster fan. Good stuff!
Tom G.
Reston, VA
Thank you so much for sending me my products in such a timely manner. I ordered 2 of the 90 degree elbows and just installed them today. They were extremely easy to work with and a snap to install. So far they appear to work just great! My daughter really appreciates it. We had one of those noisy exhaust fans that would rattle and vibrate so loud that she couldn't spend time in her own room when I would dry clothes. No noise now! Thank You sooo much again!!!
Mike M.
Oak Hills, CA
These worked great. Dryer time is down from 1 hour to 30 minutes!!!
Mason, OH
Just wanted to thank you for getting the Dryer-Ell to me so quickly. I had already cut through my painted Hardi-board and installed my louver and everything when the County Inspector pointed out that I was not within code. But the inspector recommended the Dryer-Ell and said all I had to do was replace the 90, and I was set. You really saved me A TON of grief. I wish I had known about your products before I ever started building. Oh yeah -- the correct specs were on your site, too. Another reason I wish I'd gone there first!

Anyhow, thank you - thank you - thank you!
This sweeping 90 is really the trick. I am a third generation in the construction business and master plumber since 1978. I'd like to shake your hand. I wish I thought of it.
Wendell Pearson
WR Pearson Construction
Tifton, GA
Architectural Engineer
I am an Architectural Engineer and in the process of constructing an 8 unit apartment building for myself. The dryer runs with a traditional 90 bend would have been 32ft. By using your product I was able to meet the IMC 2006 25ft requirement without installing any booster fans.
Chris Bohley
I recently finished installing two of the long-turn 90 degree elbows that I purchased. After the install I noticed how the airflow was much more powerful at the outside vent hood. I asked my wife if she noticed that the jeans and towels were drying much faster and she said, yes, a huge difference.

My situation was one of those installs where there were many 90 degree standard elbows. In fact there were 6. I was able to eliminate them down to two of your Dryer-Ells. The old venting had many locations where the lint had built up as much as 30% (especially in the old 90 degree elbows).

So, I'm basically saying THANKS! I can sleep better at night knowing that the dryer vent is not so restricted.
Jerry Gutjahr
My firm is engineering a large project in the northeast with serious length-of-run issues for the dryer. The combination of your Dryerbox receptacle and the long-turn Dryer-ell are making the difficult laundry room locations possible in this project.
"I've been in the construction business for 40 years as a carpenter/builder and am totally stoked with both your Dryerbox and your Dryer-ell. These two items represent significant improvements in duct ventilation and should make a huge difference in energy savings as well as reducing the fire potential. Fires caused by the dryer are serious issues that affect all of us one way or the other. If your company was public, I'd buy a ton of stock in it. "

"This is the biggest No-Brainer I've seen in a long time.
Robert Hecox
Sequim, WA
I am the custom home supervisor with Nuccio Air and get Red Tagged all the time for dryer runs over 25 feet. Yesterday for example I was rejected for a run that was 27 feet. The builder did not want to pay the $400 for a booster fan so finding your dryer-ell provided me an alternative that saves me a lot of heart ache. I think it's one of the best new items I've seen for our industry in a long time. In our jurisdictions, length of run issues with the dryer conduit are real and all the time cause us heart ache. The savings each of these provide will be a huge benefit for our company and all the other trades that work in our four municipalities region (Counties of Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando and the City of Tampa). My hat's off to you for the innovation and delivery of a product well over due.
Tommy Buchanan
Nuccio Heating & Air
Tampa, FL
These long radius elbows really look good. There is no reason they will not work 100 times better than other elbow options.
Stephen Congleton
Loveland, OH
I just completed re-piping my dryer exhaust system at my house is Redwood City. Used (3) of your 4" Dryer-ell's, which worked perfectly. My washer and dryer is located in the middle of my house and the dryer exhaust pipe run is approx. 25'-30' feet long. I was able to replace (7) typical 4" 90 degree elbows with only (3) Dryer-ell's.
Jim Heywood
Redwood City, CA
HVAC Contractors
I have contractors screaming for this product. Without your Dryer-ell they are required to install expensive booster fans. These contractors have reviewed your engineering data and view the product as an excellent alternative to installing a booster fan. I have also spoken with other distributors in our area and they too seem very interested in carrying this product. I like it and we are ready to get some in here.
Chris Kidwell
Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning
Sioux Falls, SD