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How To Choose The Right Dryerbox Model


Choosing the correct Dryerbox model is easy. Using our selector tool, you simply choose whether your install is existing or new construction...(read more...)

What Is A Recessed Exhaust Receptacle?


The technical term is "recessed exhaust receptacle". What exactly does that mean? A recessed exhaust receptacle is a space made within...(read more...)

The Top 5 Reasons To Install The DryerJack


Here are the top 5 reasons to install The DryerJack...(read more...)

The Top 5 Reasons To Install The Dryerbox


There are many reasons to install the Dryerbox. Here are the top 5...(read more...)

DryerWallVent As A Bath Fan Vent


The DryerWallVent was originally designed to replace substandard exterior dryer venting terminations. Once people started noticing how elegant it made their home's exterior, the idea of the DryerWallVent as a bath fan exhaust termination naturally followed. Is the DWV able to be installed in this manner?...(read more...)

The Top 5 Reasons To Install The Defender


Check out the video for the top 5 reasons to install the Defender Dryer Vent Hood...(read more...)

The Dryerbox Allows More Room For Your Dryer


The hose behind your dryer has to have space to run into the wall. This creates a situation where you have the dryer sticking out into the laundry room, eating up space...(read more...)

Buying A New Home? Check The Venting Termination First!


If you are in the market for a new home, make sure that your prospects have proper venting termination. Check around the outside of the house to see if they have a clogged screen vent, or a rusty metal hood. If you see the DryerWallVent installed, congratulate the owners...(read more...)

The Defender - Help Keep Animals Out


For most who haven't experienced animal intrusion in their home, squirrels and birds seem like cute, harmless creatures. We have been taught by cartoons that all it takes is a song to round them up into a choir of angels. Homeowners know better...(read more...)

The Top 5 Reasons To Install The DryerWallVent


Here are the top 5 reasons to install the DryerWallVent....(read more...)

Safety In Numbers


The old saying goes, "There's safety in numbers." This was never more true than when discussing the model numbers 480 and 466. These two numbers represent laundry room safety...(read more...)

Birds And Roof Dryer Venting


People often pose the question of how to keep birds from nesting in their dryer vent's exterior exhaust. The DryerJack helps keep the birds out. How?...(read more...)

DryerFlex Doesn't Forget Its Shape


DryerFlex is constructed with all aluminum ribbon and fire-rated, is as flexible as "slinky" foil flex, yet stronger than semi-rigid aluminum. With all that being said, a great feature is the ability to retain its shape....(read more...)

When Less Is More - Airflow Restriction


The old saying goes "less is more". When talking about airflow restriction within dryer ducts, this is especially true. One of the goals for the makers of DryerWallVent and DryerJack is to design a dryer duct system that shoots for zero airflow restriction...(read more...)

The Dryerbox Helps To Reduce Callbacks


When you receive a callback, you have not only lost time and money in your current schedule, but you also lose the profit margin on the initial install. Someone having "accidents" around your hard work doesn't affect them, it affects you. The Dryerbox comes to the rescue...(read more...)

Behind Every Great Dryer Is The Dryerbox


Behind every great dryer is The Dryerbox. Merging The Dryerbox and The DryerFlex allows your dryer to efficiently push air and lint out through your dryer ducts without crushing the hose and maintaining the 4-inch round code requirements....(read more...)

Large Jobs & Custom DryerWallVent Colors


For larger jobs with multiple exhausts, DryerWallVent offers custom powder-coated color options. Whether you want to blend the DryerWallVent into the exterior wall or complement the colors, we can help...(read more...)

Can You Be Fined For Code Violations?


Code violations can sneak up on you if you don't stay abreast of changes. For instance, did you know that dryer venting screens are now code violations in a large part of the country?...(read more...)

DryerWallVent Helps Prevent Snake Intrusion


NewsChannel5's report on increased snake entry into homes in Nashville includes Kevin Kent's recommendation to replace your external dryer wall vent with the DryerWallVent. Kevin is a Wildlife Control expert...(read more...)

Why Would Someone Vent Through The Roof?


Why on earth would someone vent their dryer through the roof? Unfortunately, there are some scenarios where roof venting is necessary and The DryerJack should be used for the termination...(read more...)

Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Dryer Venting


Spring is the perfect opportunity to make sure your dryer ducts are clean and safe. This year, include duct cleaning as part of your spring cleaning to do list...(read more...)

What Types Of Duct Pipes Are Used To Vent A Dryer In A 2x4 Wall?


People are always asking what type of duct pipe can be used to vent a dryer in a 2x4 wall...(read more...)

Turbo Charge Your Dryer With Dryerbox And DryerWallVent


It's time to turbo charge your dryer with the Dryerbox and DryerWallVent combo! Dryer vent air needs a clear passage to remove the lint and wet air from...(read more...)

Hidden Luxury And Sophisticated Safety


Hiding The Dryerbox 480 almost seems like a crime. The beauty comes from the gorgeous stainless steel, crafted in the USA. Sophisticated safety comes from helping prevent fires by protecting the duct from being crushed...(read more...)

What Makes DryerJack So Special?


DryerJack is a low-profile roof dryer duct termination vent. What does that mean? ...(read more...)

Large Projects Need DryerWallVent


Large projects call for something different. The DryerWallVent is the architect's and designer's choice for discreet and stylish dryer termination venting. When designing multiple unit properties...(read more...)

How Often Should I Clean My Ducts?


According to experts, dryer duct cleaning should take place once a year. Is this enough? If your family tends to wash a lot of laundry...(read more...)

We've Come A Long Way From Clothesline Drying


Drying clothes on the line is a nostalgic image of a civilized culture. These people took pride in having clean laundry, and displayed it for the neighbors to see. Now, unless it is in an instagram picture, we...(read more...)

Made In The USA - Why Is That Important?


The DryerWallVent is proudly Made In The USA. Why is that such an important aspect to look for when buying anything?...(read more...)

Duct Cleaners Can Double Their On-Site Profits With DryerWallVent


Order a three-pack of the DryerWallVent, which includes one of each color to upsell at your next on-site call. The installation usually takes about 15 minutes and can double your profits...(read more...)

Ready To Use BIM Files


As the finishing touch on a high-profile design, look no further than In-O-Vate Dryer Products. Revit and AutoCAD formats are available for inclusion in your project. From the DryerWallVent to the Dryerbox, you can find the right model for your specs on the BIM page....(read more...)

Easy Access Means More Thorough Cleaning


What happens when a duct cleaner is hindered by your plastic slat or metal hood dryer vent termination? It takes longer to clean and can lead to a less than complete cleaning...(read more...)

How Can A Sticker Save Your Life? DryerPlacard


Exceeding the duct run length is dangerous. The code is in place for safety reasons. If you exceed the length, you run the risk of a fire. DryerPlacard is a permanent solution...(read more...)

Unwelcome Guests Cost You Money - The Defender


Having pests and nests in your dryer ducting cause the airflow to be reduced, which, in turn, makes your dryer work harder to push air out. This increases your electric bill. Without proper airflow, there is also the threat of fire...(read more...)

From Dryer To Dry Air


In-O-Vate Dryer Products has been re-engineering your dryer venting needs for over 20 years. The most popular solution is the Dryerbox, which is installed in over 4 million homes. This simple metal receptacle allows you to locate the washer and dryer flush against the wall without crushing the hose....(read more...)

Cheetah Fast - DryerWallVent


DryerWallVent is the best way to help your dryer push air out "Cheetah Fast"! Low profile and straight out means that the air doesn't have to make yet another turn and thus, reducing the efficiency of the flow...(read more...)

A Good Use For Your Tax Refund - DryerWallVent


So, you have given the government a no-interest loan all year and now they reluctantly give it back. What should you do with that money?...(read more...)

Success At IBS


IBS Show Success! In-O-Vate had another successful showing at IBS in Orlando, Florida from January 9th-11th, 2018. The booth was manned by our own staff, who were proud to show off all of the prod...(read more...)

DryerWallVent Provides Discreet Dryer Venting


While most dryer venting options stick out like a sore thumb, DryerWallVent comes in several powder-coated colors and can be custom painted to blend into your home\'s exterior. For a very long time, exterior venting ter...(read more...)

DryerFlex Feature Information


In independent tests performed on dryer exhaust hoses, DryerFlex outperforms the others with its unique design. Made of all metal construction, DryerFlex utilizes five layers of 25 micron...(read more...)

Why does the building code restrict the allowable run length of a dryer duct?


As Underwriters Laboratories confirmed when studying the Dryer-Ell, even straight pipe contributes to airflow friction loss. As duct runs get longer (or as sectioned elbows are added), back pressure increases...(read more...)

IBS - NAHB International Builders Show 2018 - Join Us!


In-O-Vate Technologies will be available for questions and product demonstrations at IBS in Orlando, FL. Swing by our booth at S1423 (see map in full post) to chat with our friendly staff....(read more...)

New Year, Safe Home


With the 2017 holidays coming to a close, it's time to make your 2018 New Year's resolution. This year, why not make it about your home? It's a much easier resolution to decide to spruce up your house than the usual weight loss or bad habit commitments. If you really wanted to give up cheesecake, why wait until the new year? Having a duct cleaner come in and clear out your dryer's exhaust system is an easy choi...(read more...)

Happy Holidays From In-O-Vate Technologies


With so many other fire hazards that are present during the holiday season, it may be easy to overlook the laundry room. Your ducts should be cleaned yearly, and if you have guests staying with you, it's important to ensure their safety. In-O-Vate's family of dryer-centric safety products will assist you in preve...(read more...)

A Wall Vent For All Reasons


Each year, lint build-up in home dryer vents starts thousands of fires across the U.S. But you can help mitigate this danger with attention to small, but essential details like a well-made and well-designed dryer wall vent...(read more...)

The Laundry Room Secret That Can Win New Home Buyers


One way to add up to 6 inches of floor space is to fit the dryer flush to the wall without crushing the fragile exhaust hose. A recessed connection for the dryer transition hose does just that. Installed in the wall behind the...(read more...)

Small Company, Big Impact


The impact of small business on the economy is astounding. There is usually one aspect that is more desirable than the big name store, but that is not enough to keep it in business for long. Small companies that sell a unique product sometimes don't have enough buzz to stick it out, either. Unless, of course, the product is something that people respond to seeing it with "Why didn't I think of that?" In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. is one of these companies making a big impact with patented inventions....(read more...)

Stuffing Is For Turkeys, Not Ducts


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and most people gather with their friends and family to celebrate. Usually, the only side effect of turkey and stuffing is a full tummy and an overwhelming desire to sleep. If your ducts are stuffed full of lint, though, the side effect could be a tragedy...(read more...)

Architects and Designers Always Choose DryerWallVent For The Finishing Touch


As a home designer, you understand that the smallest detail can make or break a project. That's why you choose DryerWallVent. The outside of a home is the first impression, so ...(read more...)

The Scariest Room In Your Home


Most horror movies don't highlight this room as being scary at all, but if you are realistically looking at the safety of your home, the laundry room will be near the top of your list of scary rooms. The risk of fire, flood and chemical injuries is...(read more...)

Safer, Smarter & Saves Money


In-O-Vate Technologies has redesigned the LintAlert to make your home even smarter with the new Lint Alert Pro Plus! Ready to take the plunge into making your home a "Smart Home"? Start today...(read more...)

DryerWallVent for Realtors


It's happened to almost all agents. You show up at a potential seller's home and it is in shambles. You make suggestions for the inside of the home, but curb appeal is just as important. It is the buyer's first impre...(read more...)